Tokyo Day 3; Asakusa, Sensoji Temple

We headed to Asakusa to visit Sensoji temple. It's so lively and touristy. 

Before arriving at the temple, we walked and shopped along Nakamise Shopping street. There were lots of food and gifts. 

The great doors to the temple grounds.

Before entering the temple, we cleanse our hands and mouth.

When we entered the temple, we threw coins into a huge box and said our prayers - just like in the anime.

Then, we went to get our fortune - Omikuji. Where we shook the box & to get the dropping sticks out.

My fortune was 凶 - kyo. OMG.  The fortune had a poem which is all in kanji and english translation behind.

Tying my fortune on the wire rack.

Afterwards, we explored the temple ground.

& i jumped and touch the big lantern before leaving. Tons of people were doing so, so i figured it must be for luck. i need luck especially getting the kyo fortune. 


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