Tokyo Day 3; Asakusa, Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street, Don Quixote

We also explored Shin-Nakamise shopping street which runs perpendicular to Nakamise street.

So many interesting sights and a ninja in sight.

The ice cream caught my eye. Purple taro.

They had even more goodies inside but i could not stuff myself anymore so i did not buy it. I feel like trying them right now looking at the pictures.


We chance upon the huge Don Quijote store at Asakusa. I was jumping up and down when i see that because I know that this is the store for everything - literally!

Lots of green tea stuff! I bought almost everything on this rack.

Nyanko sensei. Wanted to buy but no luggage space. :(

Printed Marshmellows!

My haul - only from the 1st floor.  I bought more stuff from other floors like makeup and random useless stuff. I even bought a takoyaki pan here!

After that we explore the area. I loved how there are quaint cafes and restaurants. I think Asakusa could be a nice place to stay just to explore the cafes here.

After walking, i spotted a dango shop! haha went to buy a mitarashi and hanabi dango. Everytime i watch an anime and when the characters is eating dango, it makes me hungry. So finally, i get to try them!!

There were so many others. I want to try all!!!

Very happy girl.

 I prefer the hanabi dango to the mitarashi ones


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