Tokyo Day 3; Tsukiji Fish Market

This post is full of food! Because on our 3rd day in Japan, we headed down to Tsukiji Fish Market.

Breakfast was prawn, eggs and long bean sandwich. the combination was yummy. 

My main motive of going to Tsukiji Fish Market is for the food. And Tsukiji Fish Market did not disappoint me at all - Everything i tried was good! The only thing that disappoint me is that I could not try more food. 

All types of onigiri...

King Crabs! 

We ate hotate. 

It was huge and buttery. 


100 yen only!

Had sushi for lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Love the tuna that was served! & the prawn was sooooo sweet!

This set costs 30,000 yen close to 40sgd or so. And I had it all to myself (except for the crabmeat). Kevin dont take raw food or fishy stuff. So it was quite a torture for him to be at Tsukiji Fish Market. He was so stressed during the morning on the train.

After lunch we shopped around and bought some local snacks like dried fish and nuts at this store. It was packed with people so we figured that it was good.

Fried pork cutlet!

I queued up for this. Because queue = good food. This uncle makes the fresh tamago and probably thats why the queue was long. He only had 3 pans to work with. And i think each pan can produce 3 servings or so? 

I had the sweet tamago.

so many types of tamago!

More food stalls. I wanted to try more. But i was seriously stuffed by the snacks and sushi.

Drinks of the day.


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