Tokyo Day 4; Alice in a Dancing Land 舞踏の国のアリス

Chance upon the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant in Shibuya. I wanted to head there ever since i see pictures of the Alice restaurant. It's managed by the Diamond Dining which owns a couple of themed and concept restaurant in Japan.

It is a wonderful and magical place. I think it is worth a visit as the place is beautifully decorated and even the food is also Alice Themed. There is a huge carousel sitting in the middle of the restaurant.

I wanted to head to Alice in a Magical Land and i didn't know that there were like a total of 6 different concept Alice restaurants in Japan. So instead of heading to the Magical land one, we went into the Alice in a Dancing Land.

The rest of the other Alice restaurant looks amazing too. Would want to visit them sometime. Find out more about the rest of the Alice Restaurant over here:

Do note that the restaurant charges a 'cover charge' of 500 yen and they actually limit the time you spend at the restaurant. I guess it is because it is a popular place and they would want to seat as many guest as possible.

All in all, we spent a total of 4,860yen which converts to roughly S$60 for two pax.  We ordered 2 drinks, 1 main and 1 dessert. It is mandatory to order a drink and a food per person as well. So we ordered the minimum cause we were so stuff and i just wanted to experience and take photos at the restaurant.

The restaurant menu is so cute! A clock. It is also beautifully illustrated to show the food.

Interesting names for each food and drink items.

This rabbit pasta is so good!!! Looks and taste even better. We finished it all!

Chershire cat parfait. Super yums too!!

Even had a tail to complete the look.

We got strawberry tea to bring back to drink as well.

I enjoyed the food and ambience quite alot. Would recommend everyone to try dining at the Alice themed restaurant. I would want to try the rest of the Alice Restaurants.

Here are our buys of the day.


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