Tokyo Day 4; Harajuku

Harajuku is just a short distance away from Meiji Shrine. So we headed to Takeshita Street which is iconic for Harajuku. 

Love the colours and attention grabbing stuffs.

I've researched online and heard that Sunday is the best time to head down to Harajuku/Yoyogi park. Because you will see people parading around in odd outfits.

Here is a colourful couple.

We also visited the Calbee Shop at Takeshita Street, Harajuku. Fresh and delicious chips and fries.

Fries on the left which is super good! and on the right, chips drizzled with maple syrup and cheese. The flavour can only be bought at Harajuku store!

After which, we tasted Harajuku crepes. There were two stores which is famous for their crepes. We tried Marion crepes cause it had the flavour we wanted.


Drink of the day. 

Takeshita Street also had an interesting store selling all types of lucky box. It's basically a box with items inside. If you are lucky, you might win iPhones.

Bought one for the fun of it and won a Nitendo DS case.

Fish or shark man along the streets of Takeshita.

After exploring Takeshita Street, we went to Harajuku street.

Like how it is a much quieter neighbourhood. Less noise and more curated stores.

Beautiful Hana ya.

We lunched at a random cafe called Reissue located on the second floor. It felt so homey and we enjoyed our food so much.


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