Tokyo Day 4; Meiji Jingu

We headed to Meiji Shrine which is a beautiful shrine in the midst of the city. We arrived at the huge Torii and was greeted by beautiful greenery. 

Meiji Shrine is surrounded by a forest so we walked from Harajuku station and through the forest.

Stopped by a souvenir shop.

Passed by barrels of wine donated to the shrine.

So beautiful.

The cleansing ritual

We were lucky to witness a ongoing Shinto wedding. Pretty cool.

I love this tree the most. It's filled with energy, wishes and hopes of people.

& they sell all types of charm, for love, study, safety, pregnancy etc, etc. I bought one for Kevin.

It's not cheap too! One charm could easily cost you SGD 10.

I enjoyed the beautiful lush greenery and the peaceful morning at Meiji Shrine.


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