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Tokyo Day 5; Disneysea Food Trails

This post is dedicated to awesome Disneysea's food. Their food is really an attraction by themselves.

Little Green Man Mochi American Waterfront's near Toystory Mania 3 flavours, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Smoked Turkey Leg Mysterious Island: Nautilus Galley Yums and so cheap! only 520yen around S$6.50. In SG universal studios i think it costs $12 per leg. 

Lunched at Yucatan Base Grill

Sausages with Cheese and Soup. 
Lost River Delta: Yukatan Base Grill
Love the little pieces of cheese

Chocolate Torte
Lost River Delta
Follow the queue & you will never be wrong.

Tokyo Day 5; Disneysea Easter in New York

we saw groups sitting around the arena and decided to sit as well as we waited for Easter in New York to start. We were lucky that it did not rain so the show still went on.

It was so windy and cold. And as soon as the show started, we forgotten all our discomfort. I was frantically saying hi, waving to my favourite disney characters.

Grooving to the beat.

Happy confetti

Immediately after the show, we took the tower of terror ride. Love it so much that i bought the picture of our faces when the lift dropped.

Nightlights of disney

Not forgetting, a last picture with MICKEY!