Tokyo Day 5; Disneysea Food Trails

This post is dedicated to awesome Disneysea's food. Their food is really an attraction by themselves.

Little Green Man Mochi
American Waterfront's near Toystory Mania
3 flavours, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Smoked Turkey Leg
Mysterious Island: Nautilus Galley
Yums and so cheap! only 520yen around S$6.50. In SG universal studios i think it costs $12 per leg. 

Lunched at Yucatan Base Grill

Sausages with Cheese and Soup. 
Lost River Delta: Yukatan Base Grill
Love the little pieces of cheese

Chocolate Torte
Lost River Delta
Follow the queue & you will never be wrong.

So soft and warm. freshley baked!

Dined at mermaid lagoon

Everything in the menu looks good.

Creamy Scallop Croquette Sandwich & Pop'n Shrimp
Mermaid Lagoon: Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen

I like how the buns are shaped like shells. Fries and shrimps were really good too!

Strawberry Churros
Near Arabian Coast
I wanted the normal kinds but this stall only sell strawberry ones. So i got it anyways.

Donald's Shrimp Buns
American Waterfront: Cape Cod
Shaped like a float with Donald swimming in it. 

You can even see his butt once you remove the float bun.

American Waterfront: Near Restaurant Sakura
I can't remember what flavour was this.

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