Tokyo Day 6; Oedo Onsen Monotagari

We wanted to try an onsen so we headed down to Oedo Onsen Monotagari which was located at Odaiba area.

It is really easy to get there, just head to Tokyo Teleport station and there is a connecting shuttle bus from the train station.

Arrival at the onsen, here are the rates charged. We were there during weekdays so we paid about 2480 yen each for entrance.

We put our shoes into the locker first and headed to the reception where we are given keys and maps of the onsen. The keys had tags where it is scanned everytime you spend in the facility (food & games etc.). You only pay at the end. 

 There are female locker and changing room and men locker and changing rooms. We were given yukata to change into.

TADAAAA~ presenting kevin & me in yukata.

Within the area, you can enjoy food, traditional matsuri games. I like how it is lighted up with lanterns and feels like a japanese festival. And there was not many people at that time.

We ate.

& tried the outdoor foot bath.

The water was hot, and you had to walk through the pebbles. There were also fish spa other kinds of spa massage which was additional charge.

After foot bath, we headed to the onsen. There were separate areas for men and women. So i saw many naked women, it was my first time! I guess it is not that awkward because i'm not with friends and i don't know anyone there.

After soaking in the onsen, there was also a resting area where i slept for about 1 hour or so before heading to dinner. I think we spent about 4 - 5 hours at the onsen.

I like how relaxing our last day at Tokyo was.

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