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Krabi; Island tour

Our second day, we took a tour around the Islands. 

My second time snorkeling.  The first was in vietnam. This time there were more fishes and scary sea urchins.


Krabi; Peace Laguna & Night Market

Last October, Evon and I went to Krabi for a short holiday. Val was supposed to join us but she couldn't because of work. 

We stayed at a nice resort called Peace Laguna which we booked through one of the deal websites.

The resort is pretty decent. We pretty much laze in the pool daily. 

Our room is big!

For lunch, we walked aroung Ao Nang beach. It was so hot! 

During the evening, we headed to Krabi night market for food. We were greeted by the amazing sunset.

Apparently there was some kind of festival going on as there were fireworks. 

This fish is so cheap & good.

This coffee is so thick and delicious.

Our little bus that shuttled us from Ao Nang beach to Krabi market. There was a tiny fan at the corner of the bus. I remembered my hair got stuck in it as i went to close. It was a terrifying experience as a chuck of my hair has to be forcefully break to free my head.