Mount Bromo; Catching light

During the 2nd week of September, we went on a weekend trip to Surabaya and visited Mount Bromo. It was an amazing trip. Mount Bromo is such a beautiful place and we were glad that we have visited Stephanus hometown.

We arrived at the airport at night, around 9pm or so. Steph got a van for us and we took the van to Bromo. It was about 3 - 4 hours away.

First, we had supper. Soup, tofu wrapped with yummy fillings and chocolate & peanut pancakes.

It was around 2 - 3am when we reached the foot of Mount Bromo. We napped in the van while waiting for time to pass. When we woke up, we took a jeep up to the peak to catch the sunrise. It was really exciting sitting on the jeep while the driver zoom past many other jeep and bikes.

It was so dark and the only light we had were the headlights of the vehicles.

There were rows and rows of jeep parked along the road near the peak. It was so tight and quite scary since our jeep engine did stall a few time and almost knocked a bike.

The stars were so bright and it was so cold. Luckily Steph's mom packed thick sweaters for us. We were totally not prepared for the cold.

We were up and above the clouds, you could see lights from the houses.

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