Things to do in Singapore: S.E.A. aquarium

Headed to the SEA aquarium during one of our weekend dates.

By the way, there's a promotion on RWS online website right now. $50 for 2 tickets to SEA aquarium (usual price $38 for adult and $25 for kids).

It started with a tour around the maritime museum and then typhoon theatre. 

Inside the typhoon theatre, you experience a typhoon on board a ship. Afterwards, the ship sank and then, once the doors open; you will be greeted by a large fish tank with the shipwreck inside.

There are so many interesting SEA creatures.

I love touching the starfishes especially the one which look like Patrick (Spongbob Squarepants). It's so squishy. 

The aquarium viewing area is really huge. And i could sit here all day to see the fishes.

Glowing sea creatures.

After that, we headed to Universal Studios to chill and have Turkey legs.

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