Taichung; Fengjia Night Market

During nightfall, we headed to Feng Jia night market which is known as the largest night market in Taiwan. I'm not disappointed as we starved ourselves with all the yummy food and walked our feet is filled with blisters. I clocked in more than 20,000 steps that day. #achievementunlocked. 

We find that the food at Feng jia was more pricier compared to Yi Zhong. There was more tourist and more items to shop. If i was not so tired during the day, I would have probably walked more. 

Our food philosophy for that night was to follow whichever stalls which had queue. 

First up, mushrooms! 100TWD for a packet of mixed mushrooms

Mixed meat.

We had snails

This was very good chicken.

I like this smelly tofu because it's the least smelliest that i have tried. And its so tasty too.

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