Taichung; First look

In Jan, we headed to Taiwan! It's been sometime since I've travelled so once i saw the deal on Scoot, i had to go. Our flight tickets cost about SGD250 which was a good deal that includes check in luggage.

Arrived at Taoyuan airport in the early morning while we await for the shops to open to get connected  with the 3g.

We got 5 days worth of unlimited internet for 300TWD. Which was a good deal because it actually last till the 6th day of our trip.

Our first meal at Hi Life Taiwan. 

& then we got a bus ticket to Tai Chung, it was about a 2-3 hours ride from the airport. 

We booked Champs Hotel which was really cheap (around SGD 50 per night) and a little far off from the main area. So our Taichung days were filled with lots and lots of walking. We explored and navigate with our handy dandy gps.

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