Taichung; Miyahara 宮原眼科

On our second day, we travelled to Miyahara to visit their famous store. It used to be an eye clinic which was built during the Japanese occupation. 

I loved their interior. It is so opulently decorated. It felt like stepping back into time and into Hogwarts.

Their biscuits and treats are packed in oriental packaging and design. Which makes really great gifts.

They have like 18 over flavours of different chocolate ice cream. We had the 72% chocolate one which was so rich and flavourful.

My favourite flavour was their red milk tea flavoured one. It is so good. I love how their ice cream is full of their tea flavour and not too milky.

I didn't know what to pick so i got the one recommended by the scooper. I am pretty sure that their other flavours would taste as great as well.

You get to choose a few kinds of topping. Because we were unsure whether or not to buy their pineapple cake, we decided to put pineapple cake as our ice cream topping together with some other biscuits they sell. We got to choose 3 kinds of toppings.

The result - was a beautiful instagramworthy cup of ice cream. Nice to see and super tasty. Their toppings were just so so. So we did not buy their cookies back. But I strongly recommend everyone to try their ice cream when you visit.

This cup of ice cream only costs a whopping TWD170! 

After miyahara store, we decided to walk around and went to Nantou bus terminal to find out more about how to get to Sun Moon Lake.

It is really easy. And you could just buy tickets on that day to travel to Sun Moon Lake. I think the tickets cost about TWD200 for a one way trip.

We stopped by a random shop which is filled with all the claw crane games. We were scammed because multiple times we have gotten the toy but during transportation, the handle would open up and drop the toy.

My ninja.

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