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Taipei; Jiufen Old Street

A trip to Taipei is never complete without a roadtrip to Jiufen.

It's a little peek into the past as I imagine walking through the world of Hayao Miyazaki. The place where it inspired Spirited Away. Spirited Away was the first work which acquainted me to Studio Ghibli works. 
It was raining when we got there. I loved the rain. 

Taipei; Elephant Hill, Taipei 101

The next morning, we headed for a hike up Elephant hill.

We climbed halfway and decided not to continue because our timetable was tight for the day.

Our breakfast from 7-11. Super yums.

Then, we took a train down to Elephant hill and started our hike upwards.

had a cup of orange juice at the end.

Taipei; Ximending

Our first night at Taipei, we stayed at a hotel located in Ximending. 
So we explored Ximending during the night. 
Tower of Saviour's Xmas tree at Ximending. 

Mugiwara store.