Sun Moon Lake; Ita Thao Street Eats

After Wenwu Temple, we headed back to Ita Thao to our hotel.

It was really chilly at night and we ate street food for dinner. 

This smelly tofu is so smelly. I didn't like it. 

I love this BBQ muah chee. It's seaweed flavoured

The street was so quiet. Not much people roaming around. It's much more crowded during the day. The night market was not that big as well you can see the end of the street from the other end. We probably walked up and down the street 10 times because there's nothing much to do at night at Ita Thao.

Shrimp tempura with rice.

Chicken wing stuffed with rice. (a must try)

Squid ink sausage

Huge 'yakult' found in 7-11 Taiwan

This machine tells you your fortune.

We went to our hotel's rooftop to take some night shots. Sad to say that there was no stars. 

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