Sun Moon Lake; Tour around

The next day, we set off early to explore the different areas of Sun Moon Lake. 

The weather was great!

We got our boat tickets at TWD100 for unlimited boat ride which was TWD200 cheaper than if you get it from Shuishe. 

Our first stop is to the temple. We tried the grandmother tea eggs. Which, in my opinion, was not that fantastic.

We headed back to Ita Shao to get lunch and our bags as we were checking out.


I highly recommend to eat this! It's fried buns filled with juicy and piping hot mushrooms.. The queue was so long and i queued for at least 10 minutes. One is not enough. My mouth is salivating right now.

Our lunch. The noodles was way better than the rice.

Three little poodles.

I love the fried mushrooms here. It's just beside the port.

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