A round up on all the places I have visited in Taiwan in Jan (Tai Chung, Sun Moon Lake and Taipei). Hope it helps someone in planning their trip to Taiwan.

Experiencing the night markets of Taiwan are a must! There are endless options on the food and each place has a famous local specialty.

Tai Chung is a place where one reflects on the creative minds and souls. Lots of beautiful installations and cafes.
Sun Moon Lake is a peaceful and scenic place to be.
Taipei is all the hustle bustle at Ximending and Jiu Feng Old Street is just magical.

Day 1: Tai Chung

Day 2: Tai Chung

  • Miyahara 宮原眼科 Store: A old hospital converted into an confectionery and dessert heaven. The interior is out of the world and their tea ice cream is the best! 
  • Park Lane Mall by CMP: Milkhouse bread store is good for your eyes and tummy. And lots of craft items and creative goods. 
  • CMP Block Museum: Artsy Fartsy place. 
  • Feng Jia Night Market: 2nd night market. The market is really huge and we walked till our legs couldn't carry us anymore.

Day 3: Sun Moon Lake

  • Wenwu Temple: Gold wishes hung on every corner of the temple. 
  • Ita Thao: Where we stayed and there is a mini night market. 

Day 4: Sun Moon Lake

Day 5: Taipei

Day 6:

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