Washington; National Air and Space Museum

Next stop, Washington.

I wanted to visit Washington on free and easy because there are so many museums to explore. Especially, when i had a great experience during 2011 when I had visited Washington. However my plan was scrapped as most rooms were priced at a premium during our intended date of visit and also it clashed with Memorial Day Weekend. Tour was a much cheaper option.

The tour brought us to visit only 1 museum for 1 - 2 hours. It's not enough because there were so much more to explore and learn about. So I believe that I will come back to visit again.

& also, i have recently read a book by Andy Weir - The Martian and really enjoyed it so much. I think the museum would be so much more interesting to me now that i have read a book about space travel and astronauts. so yeah, i can't wait to go back to Washington!

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