New York; Herald Square

Herald Square is a place where I go often when I'm at New York because there's alot of shops around the area. Macys, Victoria Secret, F21, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Anyways, here are some pictures of our shopping trip around Herald Square.

Got this minion tic tac candy in Passion Fruit flavour! 

Shopping at Herald Square and dropped by Pandora to get the disney collection. Love the customer service because I really wanted the cinderella carriage and it was out of stock at the outlet. So they went to get from an outlet nearby. So i got my bracelet cleaned in the meantime while waiting for the carriage. Within 2 hours got my goods!

It was a pity that i lost my bracelet a couple of weeks after coming back to Singapore. And i was so angry and upset for losing it so i stopped collecting them.

VS angel wings from 2014 runway.

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