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New York; blue skies on Liberty Island

Beautiful skies on Liberty island.

New York; Statue of Liberty

We visited the statue of Liberty after Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Blessed with beautiful blue skies and great smiles.

New York; Dominique Ansel Bakery & the Cronut

We ordered the famed Cronuts from the Dominique Ansel Bakery. We had the seasonal flavour and it was pear something something...

& i guess you had to eat it fresh from the oven as we were slightly late, the pastry was not fantastic it was not as flakey as i thought. We ordered 4 cronuts through the website and could not finish them. The desserts that we ordered were heavy for me and too jelat after awhile. Basically, Cronut didn't leave up to my expectations. :(

I love Veniero's cheesecakes, Spot Dessert Bar and MOMOFUKU's Crack pie. But Dominique Ansel - i have yet tried anything fantastic.

after that we had a mini pictorial session because the streets are so pretty!