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A Summary of Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Orlando

Here's an overview of what you can do, see and eat at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. & because they have Diagon Alley (the rest of the parks - Osaka & California only have Hogsmeade and Hogwarts) it's so much more interesting to see more magic come alive because it spans a larger area and more parts of the whole story.

If you do not know already, there are two Universal Orlando Parks -
1. Universal Studio Florida
2. Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World of Harry Potter is spread into the two parks and you take Hogwarts Express to get into the two different parks!

Diagon Alley (Universal Studios Florida)
Since Diagon Alley is in London, you would first see London before going into Diagon Alley. You would also pass by Grimmauld Place.

&  Diagon Alley is every bit as magical as I have thought.
There's Gringotts Bank where you can exchange muggle money to galleons.

Stocking up on wands, cauldrons, cloaks and books!
The store that I really love is W…

Night at Diagon Alley

It became so much magical as night falls at Diagon Alley.

Dragon firing! 

Gringotts bank looking absolutely enchanting at night.

Sirius Black's Motorbike. 

Knight Bus

The Knight Bus is a relatively modern invention in wizarding society, which sometimes (though it will rarely admit it) takes ideas from the Muggle world. The need for some form of transportation that could be used safely and discreetly by the underage or the infirm had been felt for a while and many suggestions had been made (sidecars on taxi-style broomsticks, carrying baskets slung under Thestrals) all of them vetoed by the Ministry.  - Pottermore 

Love this baked potato at 'London'.

Dinner at Leaky Cauldron

We had dinner at Leaky Cauldron.

Completed the meal with Butterbeer!